Prensil is an outsourcing company that deals with web development, software development and application development. Founded in 2009, Prensil is committed to form long term business relations with offshore clients and its main goal is to minimize their application development expenses, marketing time and enable them to concentrate on their core sectors.

We work on the most recent and modern technologies and provide highly effective and functional Software/Web/Application designing and developing services to our clients. We also provide technological research facilities. Our highest priority, creating innovative and efficient software applications that boost productivity of businesses, has led us to create award winning applications for a wide range of industries repeatedly. Our services are truly world class and are of international standards.

We work on almost all technologies and platforms that vary from high tech web/software systems to hosted systems that are large scale, from software stacks that are open sourced to really huge storage capacities. We keep our horizons really wide so that when necessary, we can collaborate different technologies and create customized applications based on our clients’ specifications. We work in a huge range of domains and stay ahead of the race by realizing our clients’ visions exactly.

  • Respect- We treat all our employees, customers and associates with a huge amount of respect. We believe in professionalism but at the same time, are very understanding towards everybody’s needs.
  • Open and Transparent Environment- Our work culture is free from ambiguity and is crystal clear. We encourage innovation and creativity and always promote exchange of out of the box ideas, self expression and new thinking. We have a perfect combination of individuality and team work.
  • Satisfaction-Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we are obsessed with being committed to our clients. We are always eager to put the client’s interest ahead of our own.
  • Mejora-We are always hungry for improvement. We are always on the lookout for newer and greater opportunities that help us enhance our skills, quality of work and standards. We strive for constant improvement. We ensure that we are at the top of our game by researching and training continually in the latest technologies.